The Phidippides Award For passionate advocacy of Hellenism

The Board of Directors of G.A.E.P.I.S. presents the Award to a person (or an organization) in recognition of his or her efforts in the advocacy of Hellenism. In selecting an honoree, the Board is especially concerned with that person's contribution to the preservation and promotion of Hellenism internationally.

The Award was inspired by the Athenian herald Phidippides, who, Herodotus tells us, was dispatched by Miltiades, in 490 B.C., to request the aid of the Spartans in defending Athens from the Persians who had landed at Marathon. Phidippides is said to have accomplished an incredible feat as he ran 200 kilometers in two days to reach Sparta. A few centuries after the battle of Marathon, it is Lucian, circa 170 A.D., who informs us that it was also Phidippides who ran to Athens to announce the victory to the city of Athens. Upon his arrival to Athens, Phidippides is said to have called out "Rejoice. We have won!" and then expired.

The dedication and stamina of Phidippides to deliver the news serve as inspiration to Hellenic Public Radio in its work to bring quality coverage of the political, social, and cultural issues that concern Hellenic-Americans and philhellenes.

It is the belief of Hellenic Public Radio that our community, well informed, will be better equipped to meet the challenge of preserving its heritage in the United States. Recipients of the Phidippides Award will have worked to sustain the vitality of Hellenism -- a culture, a tradition, a civilization without bounds.

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