WEEKDAYS: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

[E] English  - [G] Greek  - [G/E] Bilingual


Community Announcements [E] -

Information on a daily basis about concerts, lectures, theatrical plays, art exhibits, gatherings and other events of our community


Greek Spin [E]

Grigoris Maninakis takes us on a journey through traditional, folk and contemporary Greek music and reveals secret stories behind the music.


Hellenic Voices [E]

A bimonthly program exploring Hellenic identity in current events and social issues in the United States, Greece, and the world. Hosted by Anna Eliopoulos.

Musical Masterworks [E]

A bimonthly program dedicated to the rediscovery of great symphonic, instrumental, choral, operatic, cinematic, and electronic compositions from antiquity to the present. Heard on the second week of every month with host Michael Stratis.


Musical Selections [E]

A variety of songs are chosen by the Cosmos FM staff, producers, and volunteers.

Talk'N Teeth [E] -

Twice a month, New York based dentist Dr. Dean Vafiades discusses issues related to dentistry and oral hygiene.


Graffiti [E]

A program dedicated to the arts. Over the years, Bill Buschel - a storyteller himself - has proven his talent in detecting and interviewing interesting musicians, composers, artists, film-makers, translators, poets, actors, playwright's, authors and storytellers.

Color Your Life [E]

Every other week Anthoula Katsimatides puts color in our lives though art, events, culture and social issues.


Tell me more [E]-

A program that offers the Greek/American community an inside view of the way psychotherapy works. "Tell me more" also provides  a therapeutic perspective on important social issues such as Greek identity, adolescent developmental, internet relatedness-dating as well as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and much more. Heard the first Friday of every month with Dr Vaia Tsolas and Dr Nicoletta Skoufalos.

Heard the first Friday of the month.

Musical Selections [E]

A variety of songs are chosen by the Cosmos FM staff, producers, and volunteers.

Innovation Unedited [E] -

(Cross-listed program with City College of New York) In depth coverage of the on going technological innovation activity. Host Angelo Lampousis focuses on how technological innovations are commercialized and how they, eventually, affect people's lives. Heard the last Friday.

News From Greece [G] -

News headlines from Flash FM in Athens.


Community Announcements [G] -

Information on a daily basis about concerts, lectures, theatrical plays, arts exhibits, gatherings and other events of our community.


SATURDAY 12:00 NOON - 3:30 PM

12:00-12:05 Program Opening [G]

Epiloges Akroaton[G] -

To start off our Saturdays, we invite our audience to choose the song they want to hear! Call us at (718) 204-8900 and make a request! Hosted by Ioanna Xanthopoulou.


Ygeia Kai Zoi [G]

Medical news, advice and more with producers / hosts Dr. Nikolaos Mezitis & Dr. Despina Komninou


Greek News [G]

Connection with Flash FM in Athens

1:10-1:15 Omogeneiakes Anakoinoseis [G] -

The latest word on upcoming events in our community, hosted by Ioanna Xanthopoulou


Matters of Conscience [G/E]

A live call-in show devoted to issues of individual and collective ethics and morals facing the people and the nation. Producer and Host: Very Rev. Eugene Pappas.

2:00-2:30 Kati Glyko [G]

Every week our listeners pick a subject that Ioanna Xanthopoulou presents, garnished with contemporary Greek Music.


Taxidi Sto Xrono [G]

Athina Tsokou Kromida reads excerpts from modern Greek literature, and discusses myth, history and ongoing developments in the field.


Greek News [G]

Connection with Flash FM in Athens.


Tragoudia tou Xthes kai tou Simera[G] -

A musical journey through various decades, genres, and countries, hosted by Angela Diese.

3:25-3:30 Closing [G]

SUNDAY 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

9:00-9:05 Program Opening [G]

Leitourgia -

A short stop at our Byzantine traditional music


Me Dika Mas Kai Dika Sas Logia -

Sylvia Papapostolou and Stelios Taketzis offer a witty and easy-going look at the week's events, with input from audience, music and surprises.


Laografiko Programma [G] -

Athanasia Filiou on a program that examines traditions, customs as well as regional folk music.


O Cosmos Ton Paidion(G) stories, fairytales, poems, songs and book suggestions for children. With producer/host Athanasia Filiou.


Diporto [G/E]

A youth program where young people can exchange ideas and express their opinion on issues that matter to them. With producers/Hosts Drivas Irene, Drivas Theodore, Andriana Karantzis, Georgia Lignou, Pavlo Papajanni, Costas Tsakalos, Aspasia Vasilopoulos & Dimitra Xenopoulou.


Greek News [G]

Connection with Flash FM in Athens.


Edo Nea Yorki [G]

Interviews, events and news from Greek American communities of the tri-state area as well as the diaspora in general with Dimitris Filios.


Enas Cosmos Elliniko Tragoudi [G] -

Polys Kyriakou interviews artists from the vast world of Greek music.


Greek News [G] –

Connection with Flash FM in Athens.


Mia Stagona Poiisi [G] -

Listen to poems of great Greek poets transformed into beautiful songs as presented by producer/host Ioanna Xanthopoulou.


Entos Ektos ki Epi ta Afta [G]

Dimitris Filios conducts news analysis and interviews with personalies in the Greek and American political and public life.


Greek News [G]

Connection with Flash FM in Athens.


Kali Mas Orexi! [G] -

Write down the recipe of the week! With Cosmos FM chef Giannis Georgas.


Sports Review [G] -

Review the week's sports with producer/host Anna E. Eliopoulos.


Closing [G]